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Industrial Automation You Can Rely On

If you're looking for precise, consistent results, INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION, a business unit of CLIMATE CONTROL, INC. can help. We ensure that each panel is built to exact specifications each and every time. Our staff provides reliable service throughout all of North Dakota, and the surrounding areas.

Water Treatment Industry

Safe, Sound Service

At INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION, we adhere to the highest standards in safety when it comes to industrial control equipment and enclosures for electrical equipment. Our UL 508A listed panel shop caters to industries such as manufacturing, water treatment, and petroleum.

Industrial Automation UL Listed Panel Shop

We use our technological expertise and efficient operations systems to provide automated industrial controls and accessories, such as relays, motor starters, and controllers. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION combines hardware, software, and communication components to control our customers' industrial and manufacturing processes. Our full-service panel shop works with:

UL Listed Logo

• Process Visualization
• Industrial Motor Starters & Controllers
• Electronic Relays
• Alarming, Reporting, & Trending
• Variable Frequency Drives
• Combination Hardware, Software, & Communication Devices
• Programmable Logic Controllers
• Industrial Rheostats
• Ratio Telemetry
• Industrial Solenoid Switches
• Mechanical & Solid State Timing Devices
• Human Machine Interface